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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook Scams By Marcus Evans

Facebook is a magical site that has inspired billions of users across the world. People are crazy enough in Facebook that some of them are in fact spending 75% of their time on a day in Facebook. I have seen a girl using her home computer only for accessing facebook account and when she moves away from home to other places, guess what she does, correct, of course she is accessing facebook from her mobile internet. She is quite a fan of using facebook account and at times she even skips her food courses on a day. So for such prevailing users, there comes a new threat in the internet called Facebook Scams. Recently a number of scams have introduced to target facebook account holders or users.  A more detailed note on Facebook Scams - By Marcus Evans can be found in the internet. It is a very helpful article by Marcus Evans, which explains recently made scam attacks. Facbeook also has taken steps to alert or publish the information to the users with number of messages and notes on how to prevent one from such phishing scam attack. Some of the popular sensational scams that have been introduced recently are, Scam tempting the user to click on a link by claiming that the user has violated site policy and threatens to remove the user account and the scam tempting the user to download or click on a video by hosting sensational video types which are purposefully made.

Philadelphia man finds self on missing children's website

More than a year ago, Steve Carter was browsing online and came beyond a missing children's website.To his astonishment, afterwards beat through the pages, he begin himself.What followed was a yearlong news of self-discovery.Carter, a 35-year-oldcomputer application salesman, was adopted at age 4 from an abode in Honolulu. When he grew up, got affiliated and anticipation about accepting his own children, the Philadelphia citizen grew added analytical about his own roots.CNN covered Carlina White's story. It popped up on my iPad, and appropriate from there I went to the center's website," Carter said, apropos to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.White, an Atlanta woman who fabricated account aftermost year afterwards she begin her own babyish account on the website, apparent that she had been kidnapped as a 3-week-old baby from a Harlem hospital in 1987 by a woman assuming as a nurse. She reunited with her biological ancestors in an affecting affair aftermost January.Reading White's tale, Carter said, fabricated him admiration about his own.On a hunch, he clicked on Missingkids.org in hopes of answering the changing questions about his origins.

China dissident Chen Guangcheng's whereabouts a mystery

Mystery surrounds one of China's best accepted dissidents, Chen Guangcheng, afterward letters that he has able from abode arrest.Rights activists say he slipped out of his home in Dongshigu boondocks in Shandong arena on Sunday.His exact abode cannot be absolute at the moment but animal rights campaigners told the BBC they accept he has fled from Shandong province.He has been beneath abode arrest back he was appear from bastille in 2010.Activist He Peirong, who has been advancement for his freedom, told assorted sources that she collection him to "a safe place" alfresco Shandong.There are additionally bottomless rumours that Mr Chen, who is blind, is at the US Admiral in Beijing.The US admiral ''would not comment'', says an Associated Press account report.In the aforementioned report, Ms He denied the rumours appear in Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao newspaper, adage that she has announced to bodies at the embassy.I can acquaint you he's not at the US Embassy, and he's not in Shandong,'' she told AP.An activist based in the US who has been in abutting acquaintance with Mr Chen accepted that the agitator had larboard Shandong.