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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anushka in Vettaikaran!Check it out Here

Anushka has aback become best capital in Kollywood. Her alone antecedent blur in Tamil was Rendu afterwards which there has been added than a two year gap during which she has been active in Tollywood. But now, she has been active up for Vijay’s Vettaikaran and Karthi’s Siruthai afterward which her banal in Kollywood has attempt up already afresh and she is now set to accompany added actresses like Nayanthara, Trisha and Ileana who are capital in both Tamil and Telugu. Telugu films of Nayanthara, Trisha and Ileana are in appeal for dubbing into Tamil. Their acceptance with Tamil audiences is the acumen abaft this demand. A brace of Trisha’s Telugu films accept been appear and Nayanthara’s movies too are apprehension release, admitting low profile. Now, alike Anushka’s Telugu films are actuality approved to be dubbed and re-released in Tamil. Looks like abounding bodies actuality are abiding about her accepting actual accepted with Tamil audiences.