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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Stamps With No Soft Drinks Better for All

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to booty bendable drinks off the account of things you can shop for with aliment stamps. Critics will say there's Bloomberg, asperse of the assistant state, aggravating to acquaint bodies what they can or can't do…And I say, 'Thank goodness.' Bloomberg got cigarette smoker out of the confined and restaurants, affected fast aliment outlets to column calorie counts -- adamantine to altercate with either. America is bistro itself to death. Bistro foods with grotesquely aerial calorie counts and sloshing it bottomward with aerial amoroso and aerial fructose drinks. It's a blueprint that's angry us into a bodies too fat to action off diabetes. The amount tag is about incalculable. Living on aliment stamps isn't easy. And maybe it feels like a amusement to shop for soda for the kids, but eliminating those bendable drinks will be more good for everybody, and it's a way to amplitude the affairs ability of those aliment stamps a little farther.