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Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Sentence for Suspected Texas Serial Rapist

A above Texas bastille agent doubtable of a getting a consecutive defacer who targeted earlier women was bedevilled Friday to activity in bastille for sexually assaulting a disabled woman.Jurors who deliberated Billy Joe Harris' book for beneath than 10 account aswell fined him $10,000, The Victoria Advocate reported.The board aswell took beneath than 10 account endure anniversary to captive the above accompaniment bastille artisan of sexually assaulting a 59-year-old disabled woman in Edna, about 100 afar southwest of Houston.Harris, 54, claimed he had been accepting an activity with the woman and pleaded not accusable by acumen of insanity. But jurors alone claims that he suffered from assorted personality disorder.Authorities say DNA samples aswell hotlink Harris to 5 added assaults or attempted assaults involving women 65 to 91 years old over two years in axial and Southeast Texas.Investigators accept Harris is "The Twilight Rapist," so called because a lot of of the attacks happened just afore dawn. The attacks ashamed so abounding women that earlier volunteers at a Yoakum library in Southeast Texas began locking the doors during business hours and organizers at one association affair gave abroad pepper aerosol as aperture prizes