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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drunk and Drive attorney

Though drunk and drive causes so many accidents, there are people who are unnecessarily punished for false drunk and drive cases. My friend is an alcoholic and when he was returning from the bar in his motor bike, a car from the opposite direction hit him. The car driver urged my friend to the near-by hospital. In the hospital, they found that my friend was in the influence of spirit. It was the mistake of the car owner and it is he who actually is responsible for the incident and since my friend is drunk, the car owner was forcing him to pay the expenses. My friend is already jobless and could not pay that amount. My friend is living in Boston, and he got an attorney, who can help him in his defense from the website maduilaw.com. The attorney advised my friend on this issue and asked my friend to keep patience for some time. Attorney found out that it was the car which banged on the motor bike and not the motor bike that banged on the car, and with this point he helped my friend. Thus, my friend won his case with the help of boston dui attorney and did not pay any compensation to the car driver. The fee is really less compared to other lawyers. My attorney’s intelligence helped my friend to from punishments and my friend is living happily thereafter.

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