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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tunisia fetes town where revolt year began

Exactly one year ago, in a hardscrabble boondocks in Tunisia's barren interior, the afterlife bell articulate for the decades-old arrangement of dictatorships beyond the Arab world.With a atrocious act of self-immolation, a 26-year-old Sidi Bouzid fruit-seller accidentally unleashed a year of agitation that agitated at atomic three autocrats in a arena already anticipation to be allowed to democracy.Tunisia's fresh leaders calm with bags of others took allotment in a anniversary starting Saturday in the boondocks anniversary the vendor, the revolution, and the protesters whose acrimony snowballed into a civic and again region-wide phenomenon.The changes in the Arab apple over the accomplished 12 months cannot be overstated. A arena alike with brackish absolute republics and monarchies is aback abounding with change — for more good or worse.The better winners so far arise to be the long-repressed Islamist parties, which didn't consistently advance the revolts but in consecutive elections in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco were the best organized and atomic attenuated by the old regimes.