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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook Scams By Marcus Evans

Facebook is a magical site that has inspired billions of users across the world. People are crazy enough in Facebook that some of them are in fact spending 75% of their time on a day in Facebook. I have seen a girl using her home computer only for accessing facebook account and when she moves away from home to other places, guess what she does, correct, of course she is accessing facebook from her mobile internet. She is quite a fan of using facebook account and at times she even skips her food courses on a day. So for such prevailing users, there comes a new threat in the internet called Facebook Scams. Recently a number of scams have introduced to target facebook account holders or users.  A more detailed note on Facebook Scams - By Marcus Evans can be found in the internet. It is a very helpful article by Marcus Evans, which explains recently made scam attacks. Facbeook also has taken steps to alert or publish the information to the users with number of messages and notes on how to prevent one from such phishing scam attack. Some of the popular sensational scams that have been introduced recently are, Scam tempting the user to click on a link by claiming that the user has violated site policy and threatens to remove the user account and the scam tempting the user to download or click on a video by hosting sensational video types which are purposefully made.