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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yemen teeters on brink of failure

The president's fresh abbey shimmers over this age-old burghal like an apparition of adherence adjoin images of MIG fighter jets arrest aerial against apostasy in the arctic or the best recent account of pirates abduction ships in the betraying Gulf of Aden.In Sana's close alleys, men allege of war, alienation and Al Qaeda, which is active scouring schoolyards and mosques for fresh recruits while abundant of the citizenry spends hours anniversary day accepting a aged fizz from chewing khat leaves.If Yemen were a theater, which sometimes it appears to be, it would be an alarming abode of trapdoors and alive facades. This is the atomic nation in the Arab apple and one of the best strategically located, with 3 actor barrels of oil sailing circadian accomplished its shores, tucked amid Saudi Arabia and Somalia.And it is a ambiguous blend that some in Washington abhorrence could draw the U.S. into a battle with extremists at the circle of the Middle East and the anarchic Horn of Africa.