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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative? Just Click Here To Find

Most of my friends are very good smokers they have started smoking at the time when they joined college to have more fun and to show them that they are matured. Many of my friends say that they started smoking just for fun but now they can’t live without smoking. Personally, I don't smoke and my friends won’t force me to smoke. I working as customer care executive and I use to work in shifts. Especially during night shift I find most of friends use to smoke to relieve from stress and they often use to take smoke breaks and I strongly believe that these smoke breaks are not fair.Most of the companies won’t allow smoke breaks and it is just an unethical act to our profession.

Also second hand smoke is even more dangerous as it is directly passing to both smoker and non smoker. Imagine I can give them a smoke break alternatives that won't stop them from smoking at all. Imagine smokeless cigarettes that look like traditional cigarettes but is completely different. This is where electronic cigarettes comes in. E cigarettes is the cigarette of the future now through electronic cigarettes we can smoke from anywhere and this will eliminate the need for people to take unwanted smoke breaks also there's no effect of second-hand smoke .Now both smokers and non smokers are not separated by small smoke breaks and they can work freely to achieve the objective of an organization.