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Monday, May 24, 2010

Accused Jamaican Drug

Alleged biologic arbiter Christopher "Dudus" Coke, capital by U.S. authorities, today told the Jamaican badge who are aggravating to pry him from his Kingston hideout, "I will not surrender," according to U.S. authorities. Hundreds of Jamaican soldiers are reportedly continuing by, accessible for armed action.Authorities declared a accompaniment of emergency in the Caribbean island nation Monday. Gunfire and abandon accept been overextension back authorities began affective in on Coke Sunday in adjustment to abduction him and duke him over to U.S. authorities for extradition. Residents of Coke's West Kingston adjacency of Tivoli Gardens accept set up barricades, and eight badge admiral were shot, two fatally, during a battle abreast the all-embracing airport Sunday night.Four badge stations were attacked Sunday, and one was austere to the ground.Coke is declared to arch an all-embracing bent aggregation accepted as "The Shower Posse" that operates in Jamaica and the United States. He has been answerable by U.S. authorities with cabal to administer marijuana and cocaine and cabal to cartage in firearms.