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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Democrats point fingers after stunning loss

Even afore the acclamation bankrupt on Tuesday night, Democrats were break themselves from their candidate, Martha Coakley, and blaming her beauteous accident in the U.S. Senate chase in Massachusetts on what they declared as a blah campaign.A top adviser to Admiral Obama alone assertions that Tuesday's vote was a election on the admiral or Democratic policies, and instead took a attempt at Coakley: "Campaigns and candidates matter.For weeks, Coakley's Republican opponent, Scott Brown, had been the underdog candidate, active abaft in the chase to accomplishment out the backward Sen. Ted Kennedy's term.Trailing by bifold digits a little added than a anniversary ago, Brown belted advanced of Coakley, advancement as the pickup-truck-driving candidate, capitalizing on aborigine frustrations, and vowing to accelerate Obama's bloom affliction bill "back to its cartoon board.Coakley, the state's advocate general, had been advised a affirmation in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, which hadn't adopted a Republican to the Senate in 38 years.