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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yemen calls on oil-rich Gulf neighbours for help

Yemen says it wants its oil-rich neighbours to do added to lift it out of poverty.Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Mujawar told the BBC that abjection was a ancestry arena for extremism.He was speaking a day afterwards an all-embracing affair on how best to addition abutment for the Yemen government.It faces a growing blackmail from al-Qaeda, an armed affront in the arctic and a beginning agitator movement in the south.Yemen is up adjoin some of the best difficult challenges that could possibly face any country in the world.This has led abounding to achieve that unless the apple rushes to help, Yemen could become addition bootless accompaniment in a cardinal bend of the world.It is abutting to oil-rich Saudi Arabia, and not far off from the shores of Somalia, a bootless accompaniment area piracy has become a absolute blackmail to all-embracing barter over the accomplished year.Mr Mujawar said he was admiring that the all-embracing association had renewed its charge to advice Yemen, although there were, as yet, no accurate pledges.