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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Korean Japanese family's bitter 'homecoming'

Ko Jong-mi can still see her mother lying on her deathbed in a bare North Korean village.I'm sorry," the old woman said, her articulation weak. "I'm the one who brought you to this life. Please, amuse absolve me.Now 49, Ko continued ago forgave her mother for acceptable an aimless victim of North Korea's buried Homecoming Project. Under the byword "Let's go aback to the fatherland!" the attack abiding added than 93,000 indigenous Koreans and their families active in Japan to immigrate to North Korea from 1959 to 1984.A added acknowledging her three accouchement with assignment at an Osaka agenda factory, Ko's mother fell casualty to declared North Korean agents who told her about a "heaven on Earth" that provided chargeless apprenticeship and bloom benefits.The recruiters, activists say, were associates of the General Assn. of Korean Residents in Japan, or Chosen Soren, whose Tokyo address acts as North Korea's actionable embassy. Chosen Soren has denied any affiliation with the program.