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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New confirmation of Taliban leader's death

The Taliban's top agent in Pakistan, captured this anniversary by affiliated fighters and aegis forces, has accepted that the country's best capital active was asleep afresh by a U.S. missile strike, sources accustomed with his claiming said today.Maulvi Umar was arrested in the alien Mohmand arena forth the Afghan bound backward Monday night with the advice of a affiliated militia, according to aggressive sources who requested anonymity because they were not accustomed to allege about the matter. Umar has served as the Taliban's primary agent and was a top agent for active arch Baitullah Mahsud.While actuality questioned, Umar accustomed that Mahsud was asleep during a bang by an unmanned U.S. aircraft Aug. 5, according to intelligence sources.Umar's acceptance appears to adhesive the acceptance captivated by U.S. and Pakistani authorities that Mahsud was dead. Taliban commanders abjure that their baton was asleep and accept promised to air audio or video footage acknowledging he was alive, but accept so far bootless to do so.