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Thursday, September 10, 2009

US-Colombia Deal a Pretext for Military Spending

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has aloft the stakes for Friday's affair of South American presidents by aggressive to breach relations with Colombia over affairs to accord U.S. troops a 10-year charter on its bases.Chavez says the U.S. has loosed "winds of war" on the abstemious — a position few diplomats allotment afterward tours by U.S. and Colombian admiral gluttonous to calm fears of adjoining nations.Even so, the bases accord has created ambiguity about bounded adherence and provided yet addition absolution for nations to absorb big on their militaries.Venezuela has caked about $4 billion into Russian weapons to adverse the blackmail Chavez sees from the billions in U.S. aggressive aid to Colombia. Ecuador is affairs 24 Brazilian warplanes and six Israeli drones to accumulate a afterpiece watch on its borders. Bolivia has opened a $100 actor band of acclaim with Russia to shop for weapons.These purchases were in the works alike afore capacity of the bases accord were appear aftermost ages by The Associated Press — and aegis spending about the arena is up sharply, mostly in the name of accepted modernization.