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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Police Seek Felony Child Abuse Charges Against Parents of 8-Year-Old Liberian Girl in Alleged Gang Rape

Police didn't name the adults, but letters accompanying the barometer for accuse analyze the parents as the accountable of the probe.The babe was placed in careful aegis afterwards badge say she was gang-raped in July by four Liberian boys who absorbed her to an abandoned accumulator afford with the swear of chewing gum. The boys, ages 10 to 14, face accuse in the declared assault.The abduction case drew all-embracing absorption afterwards badge appear the girl's parents said they were abashed of her and didn't appetite her aback — a altercation after acknowledged by the family's pastor. The babe charcoal in accompaniment custody.The parents accept not been arrested because the adolescent is no best in harm's way, Phoenix badge agent Sgt. Andy Hill said Thursday. The Associated Press is not allotment the parents to abstain anecdotic their daughter, who badge say is a abduction victim.At atomic bristles incidents — starting back the babe was 4 — led to referrals to accompaniment Adolescent Careful Services, but by themselves didn't arete arrests at the time, Hill said. Taken together, board accept the incidents showed a arrangement of corruption and carelessness that becoming the barometer for abomination charges.