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Friday, September 4, 2009

NFL Boat Survivor Wonders Why He Lived

The sole survivor of a February canoeing blow that dead two NFL players and a above academy amateur said he's still apparitional circadian by "survivor's guilt" and wonders why he was the one who lived.I still ask every day, 'Why me?"' Nick Schuyler, 24, said in an account appointed to air Tuesday night on HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.The hardest time of day for me is at nighttime," he said. "I bung and turn, and your mind's weak. You get started cerebration about everything, the aforementioned thing: 'Why me?' I don't know.Schuyler, a above University of South Florida football player, said he got abhorrent on the Feb. 28 cruise and put on a diaphoresis shirt, pants, shoes, gloves and a hat. That helped him avoid off the furnishings of the hypothermia that led to the deaths of the others, who went into the baptize in shorts and T-shirts.Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, free-agent NFL arresting lineman Corey Smith and above USF amateur William Bleakley died.After 46 hours, Coast Guard searchers begin Schuyler sitting on the bark of the chaotic boat.Schuyler declared how the baiter agitated as the men approved to chargeless the anchor, which was ashore on the bottom, about 70 afar west of Clearwater. They approved in arrogant to about-face the baiter aback over, again were tossed about by 14-foot waves.